Saturday, February 20, 2010

Leaf Veins, Red Hot Pokers, Chrysanthemum

Many of my pieces reveal my fascination with the intricate repeating patterns found in nature. They are an endless source of inspiration.

Diamond Wrasse, Fish Eye, In the Deep

What a wealth of beauty is to be found in the sea. I’m no scuba diver – I simply interpret photographs taken by others.

Lava Flow, Satellite Image 2

Sometimes it’s the sheer power and scale of nature that inspires.

Leslie Hill Irises

Leslie Hill is a private estate, just outside Ballymoney, with a beautiful walled garden. It’s open to the public in spring and summer and well worth a visit. The wild flowers to be found there, like these yellow flag irises, are just as lovely.

Mimosa, Sunflowers

I lived and worked for a few years in the South West of France. These flowers remind me of my time there.

New England Fall

Not something I’ve seen in real life, but I certainly hope to some day.

Poppies I, Poppies II

I like to work in mixed media: usually with watercolours, acrylics, pastels and papers. I’ll use whatever seems appropriate to translate the image in my imagination.

Unearthly Stillness

Nature is my inspiration, and sometimes is a springboard to imaginary worlds.